This strap is built to last a lifetime.

Our 100% natural hemp, leather free guitar strap is hand made by artisans in Warsaw, Poland in a small shop that has been open for almost 100 years. 

We take pride in our products and only the best materials will do. Not only is our hemp guitar strap vegan and eco-friendly, but hemp is one of the sturdiest natural textiles on this planet. Curiously it becomes softer and more comfortable with time without compromising on strength. Compared to cotton denim 100% hemp fabric has a 62% greater tear strength and 102% greater tensile strength.

The CannaRiff guitar strap is guaranteed to hold your instrument securely during all playing styles. Each strap is completed with two double reinforced vinyl end tabs and can even be used by the lowest of players with a length of 69 inches from button to button. 

You can be absolutely sure your instrument is safe and secure with the CannaRiff Hemp Guitar Strap.